9:45 – Opening Greeting and Refreshments

10:00 – Sarah Roe – The Comunication of Ideas Within a Scientific Community

10:30 – Konrad Zaborowski – The Conception of the Sapiential Dimension of Science

Coffee Break

11:15 – Eleanor Louson – The Sage Behind the Camera: Truth-to-nature and Wildlife Filmmakers

11:45 – Justin Donhauser – Connecting the Abstract and the Actual: Lessons Learned from Double Helices and Endangered Owls

Coffee Break

12:30 – Richard Gawne – Hoyle’s (Other) Fallacy


2:30 – David Pena-Guzman – Can There Be A ‘Transcendental Induction’? An Analysis of Gaston Bachelard’s Theory of Scientific Change

3:00 – Deepanwita Dasgupta – The Unwise Peripheral Scientist: S.N. Bose, Einstein, and the Birth of Bose-Einstein Statistics

Coffee Break

3:45 – Jonathan Fuller – Clinical Judgement for the Wise Physician

Coffee Break

4:30 – 6:00 John Verveake – The Practice of Science and the Cultivation of Personal Wisdom: Can We Renew Aristotle’s Vision?